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Take advantage of your winter break with accelerated online courses at Iowa. As an undergrad, you can earn up to three credit hours to help you catch up on a class you missed, get a head start on the spring semester, or stay on track for graduation.

Course Dates: Dec. 28, 2020–Jan. 22, 2021

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Accelerate Your Success
Iowa’s Winter Session offers semester-length courses in a condensed, online format—giving students the ability to earn credit towards their degree in four intensive weeks.

Winter Session Courses
Students may take a combination of courses within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pomerantz Career Center, and College Success Initiatives to meet the 3 credit-hour maximum for Winter Session.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses 
The following courses offer 2 and 3 credit hours that satisfy the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education requirements or specific major requirements. 

AMST/SPST 1074 Inequality in American Sport (3 s.h.)
General Education: Diversity and Inclusion

Instructor: Jennifer Sterling
Join the debate surrounding issues of inequality in sport. Students will engage with a series of studies to examine the meaning of sport in the United States with a focus on the dynamics of inequality—including race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and physical ability/disability.

ASTR 1085 Citizen Astronomy (3 s.h.)
General Education: Natural Sciences (without lab)

Instructor: Shea Brown
If you’re fascinated by data and discoveries, this course is for you. Explore the universe and survey dynamic environments in astronomy and astrophysics—ranging from our local solar system and nearby stars to distant galaxies and unseen black holes.

CRIM 1410 Introduction to Criminology (3 s.h.)
General Education: Diversity and Inclusion or Social Sciences

Instructor: Michaela Ruppert
Explore the world of crime and its impact on the criminal justice system. Students will research major categories of crime including drugs, violence, and political corruption, along with different methods for crime correction and prevention.

ENGL 1200 Interpretation of Literature (3 s.h.)
General Education: Interpretation of Literature

Instructor: Darius Stewart
How have writers used different forms to think about our relation to others, our history, our community, and our obligations? This course will address these questions through the exploration of literature as a guide to our past and our present.

HHP 1100 Human Anatomy (3 s.h.)
General Education: Natural Sciences (without lab) 

Instructor: Kelli Taeger
Understand the major systems of the body and how they interact with each other. Students will learn how body parts look, how they’re put together, how their structures relate to function, and how structures adapt to change.

HHP 2200 Physical Activity and Health (3 s.h.)
General Education: Values and Cultures

Instructor: Amy Fletcher
Gain an understanding of the individual, social, and environmental factors that influence physical activity participation and health throughout the life cycle.

MATH 2550 Engineering Math III: Matrix Algebra (2 s.h.)
Instructor: Lavinia Ciungu
Students will focus on specific topics including operations on matrices, the use of matrix in solving systems of linear equations and evaluating determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, the diagonalization of matrices, and an introduction to subspaces of Euclidean space.

MATH 2560 Engineering Math IV: Differential Equations (3 s.h.) 
Instructor: Hamid Mofidi
This course covers basic theory and methods of solution for linear differential equations along with the systems of linear differential equations. Laplace transforms are among the many tools that will be introduced for the solution of these linear differential equations.

PSY 2401 Introduction to Developmental Science (3 s.h.)
General Education: Social Sciences 

Instructor: Julie Louis-Gros
Challenge yourself to ask “how” rather than “when” childhood development occurs. Using contemporary research, students will uncover the multitude of factors that drive biological and socio-economic development.

SPAN 2050 Spanish in the United States (3 s.h.)
General Education: Diversity and Inclusion

Instructor: Suzanne Wedeking
Examine the myths of the Spanish language and the social aspects of speaking Spanish in the United States. Taught in English, class discussions are focused on the dynamics of immigration, language policies, and bilingual education.

SRM 1045 Diversity/Inclusion in Healthy Living (3 s.h.)
General Education: Diversity and Inclusion

Instructor: Mia Richter
Personal health is an individual responsibility and a cultural change perspective. Students will observe how their health is impacted by a changing world and how to develop their own health priorities amidst issues of diversity in their community.

SSW 3729 Substance Use and Abuse (3 s.h.)
Instructor: Ed Haycraft
Want to learn more about substance use, and treatment? This elective course allows you to learn about chemical dependency and treatment options from the perspective of helping professions.

Pomerantz Career Center 1-hour Courses
The following courses are designed to develop your professional and financial skills to help you succeed after graduation. Students may take up to three 1-hour courses to meet the 3-hour maximum for Winter Session.

CCP 3102 Job Search Essentials (1 s.h.)
Learn essential skills for finding full-time employment. Topics include creating and polishing a résumé, techniques for interviewing and networking, and developing a personal job search plan.

CCP 3103 MoneyWise (1 s.h.)
Understand the basics of personal finance for success at work and in life; savings, debt, mortgages, loans, employer benefits, insurance and student loans, and investment basics (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401Ks, IRAs).

CCP 3105 Transitioning from Campus to the Workplace (1 s.h.)
This course will help you develop essential skills for transitioning from college life to a successful career. Topics include networking, professionalism, workplace communication, managing personal image, and financial planning.

College Success Initiatives 1-hour Courses
The following courses are designed to enrich your college experience and develop your academic skills to help you succeed. Students may take up to three 1-hour courses to meet the 3-hour maximum for Winter Session.

CSI 1213 Special Topics: Edutainment Media for Academic Success (1 s.h.)
We will discuss various types of content to understand what we are learning from familiar forms of entertainment media. Students will make observations on how media facilitates fun and knowledge consumption, while incorporating new methods of learning into their own academic success.

CSI 1213 Special Topics: Digital and Social Media for Personal Success (1 s.h.)
Examine inappropriate social media usage and strategies for creating a positive self-brand and identity to support personal goals. Students will learn how use digital and social media to engage with themselves and to reach their goals beyond the classroom.

CSI 1213 Special Topics: Media and Identity for Success in Life (1 s.h.)
This course explores how entertainment and social media can influence college students as they negotiate their current and future identities.

CSI 1213 Special Topics: Using Social Media Humor to Cope with COVID-19 Stress (1 s.h.)
Students will learn how we can use social media to engage with our experiences as we navigate the disruptions of a global pandemic. We will make observations on how digital and social media can be used as tools for coping.


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1 credit hour – $337
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3 credit hours – $1,011  

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Choose from general education courses designed for personal exploration along with career-specific courses designed for professional development to help you prepare for what’s next after graduation.

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